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中国福利彩票网:95% of fund income is positive

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内容摘要: Last week (March 5-9, the same below), the A-share market has risen slightly. The 7-89456_1_65473_9 stock indexweek has gained 1.62%, and t...

Last week (March 5-9, the same below), the A-share market has risen slightly. The 7-89456_1_65473_9 stock index week has gained 1.62%, and the overall performance of the fund has also improved.

In terms of specifics, the hot sectors such as medical biology, computer, electronics, communications, and leisure services led the rise significantly, spurring the rise of related subject funds.

The reporter noticed that for many small and medium-sized creative stocks favored by the pharmaceutical theme fund, strong tyrants screened in the forefront of various fund gains last week, becoming the most dazzling corner. Want to ask the market or small and medium-sized creative? Perhaps we can get a glimpse of what happened last week from the medical theme fund.

95% Fund income is positive

Last week, the average net value growth rate of all funds after rehabilitation was 1.03%; over 6,000 funds received positive return, accounting for 95.66%.

Among them, the average equity fund has the highest average net growth rate and positive return rate - more than 98% of ordinary equity funds have received gains, with an average net growth rate of 2.54%; second, partial shares hybrid funds. , QDII funds and bond funds , the average net growth rates were 2.32%, 1.04% and 0.13%, respectively, and the proportion of funds receiving positive return was 97.36%, 71.16% and 94.34%, respectively.

After removing the rating fund and the net value change, all the fund's last week's earnings top 10, there is a common hybrid fund, three partial stock hybrid funds, and 6 funds are flexible allocation funds, with a return of 7.08. %the above. Among them, China Post enjoyed a one-year regular weekly net increase of 10.24%, ranking first (see Table 1 for details).

While the reporter took a look at the fund's net value last week's drop list, it was discovered that in the fund whose net fund performance was behind, there was a partial thin bond hybrid fund, and the remaining nine were all based on . Due to the recent decline in the ratings of several corporate bonds and the sharp drop in the valuation of China Securities, bond funds did not accidentally bottom out in all funds last week.

Medical theme fund gains momentum rapidly

Reporters also found that last week, "medical care", "health care" and "health" have become key words in the list of various fund gains.

According to Shenyin Wanguo's primary industry classification, the growth rate of medical biology last week was the largest, reaching 6.08%; followed by computers (5.02%), electronics (4.77%), communications (4.07%) and leisure services ( 4.02%). Driven by the medical and biologics sector, common stock funds and partial stock hybrid funds related to the theme also showed significant growth last week.

In the TOP10 earnings of ordinary equity funds last week, GF Healthcare ranked first with a 7.12% net growth rate, while the rest of the funds with the highest growth rate were from 5.93% to 6.82% in terms of net weekly growth rate (see Table 2 for details). ). It is not difficult to find that the names of these funds contain the words "medical care," "health care," and "health."

Let's take a look at the partial return of the partial-share hybrid fund last week. The newly-emerged China Post's strategic industry took the 8.22% increase and won the championship. The remaining nine funds gained 5.93% to 7.10%. Except for China Post's strategic emerging industries, the remaining nine funds all carry keywords such as “medical care” and “health care” (see Table 3 for details).

It is worth mentioning that China Post's strategic emerging industry had previously been bottoming out for 1~3 years due to reasons such as Shigekura's LeTV and other reasons. Now, LeTV's turmoil has temporarily come to an end, and the net performance of the fund has gradually turned around. How is the future trend worthy? attention.

It can be said that whether it is an ordinary equity fund or a partial stock hybrid fund, the products with the highest earnings last week all exhibited obvious medical subject characteristics. In addition to the fund name, from the perspective of the position structure, the above 20 funds were included. More than half of the funds are heavy Changchun High-tech (weekly gain of 7.19%), rehabilitation medicine (8.01%) and Hengrui medicine (7.62%); secondly, there are nine funds are heavy Yunnan Baiyao (weekly gain of 4.27% ), 8 funds selected Huahai Pharmaceutical (weekly increase of 8.50%).

In addition to this, QDII Fund's earnings last week, TOP10 also showed significant medical care, as well as mobile Internet theme characteristics. Among them, Huaan Germany 30 (DAX) ETF ranked first with an increase of 4.65%; followed by Huaan Germany 30 (DAX) ETF connection, Universal World Health Center US dollar and Huitianfu global medical US dollar cash Last week, they were all gains of 4.37%. Secondly, Huijinfu Global Medical RMB and other six funds entered the QDII fund's gains of TOP10 with a single weekly gain of 3.15% to 4.22%.

Debt-based "Thunderstorm" Net Worry

Last week, half of the bond fund’s TOP10 earnings were convertible bonds funds. The West has achieved the largest growth rate of 2.78%, and the remaining nine single-week gains ranged from 1.5% to 2.5%.

Compared with the flat growth rate of bond fund returns TOP10, the performance of the 10 funds that performed later last week saw a sharper drop in net value – the one that fell the most, which fell by 22% in a single week; the decline of the remaining 9 Both are in 2.58%~21.81%.

The reporter found that among them, three debt-based companies (A and C shares are calculated separately) are involved in “stalling” corporate bonds, and the decline of the remaining seven is confusing.

medicine thematic funds

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Fund Code fund referred near March earnings fee operation
001227 Post information industry Flexible Allocation 15.02 1.50% 0.15% % Buying an Account Opening Purchase
519698 BOCOM Pioneer Hybrid 7_89456_13 0_65473_912.34% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
001171 ICBC pension industry stock 11.64% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
001417 China Universal health care mixed 11.23% 1.50 % 0.15% Buy Account Opening Purchase
399011 sea Healthcare theme stock 11.13% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-03-09

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